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New T4220 Dual-Communication Terminal
with EMV Smart Card Reader 


Now only



T4220 Dual-Comm EMV Terminal

(Internet or dial connectivity)

The T4220 countertop credit card terminal is one of the most capable dual-communication terminals in the industry. The T4220 provides IP performance and security second to none. Its' extremely easy setup, speed of operation, and security devices provide huge benefits for virtually every retail countertop application.



The T4220 combines workhorse features with racehorse pace. It supports applications for both dial and Internet simultaneously. It has an EMV certified card reader and high-speed printer that allows for customizable text and graphics at a blazing 18 lines per second... The industry leading print rate that speeds up transactions, and will please your customers. 



  • Accepts all major credit & debit cards, gift & loyalty, prepaid, private label, and EBT

  • Bright-white backlit LCD display

  • Fast and easy drop-in paper loading

  • EMV certified smart card reader

  • 24 MB memory/Powerful 32 bit processor

  • Intuitive ATM-like graphical interface

  • Dual-communication connectivity (IP/dial)

  • Full multi-application enhanced memory

  • Integrated PCI PED approved PIN pad

  • Meets all PCI security standards 



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