PAX S920 Wireless Terminal

The PAX S920 wireless terminal accepts card payments anywhere. With its lightweight, wireless design and touch screen electronic signature capture, customers can approve transactions on the go.

The PAX S920 features a large, backlit display and keypad, making it easy to view even in dim lighting. Credit, debit, EBT and value-added transactions are all processed quickly and conveniently.


And its advanced anti-fraud features protect transactions, data and your peace of mind. The PAX S920. Handy is an understatement.


  • Accepts all major credit and debit cards


  • Bright-white backlit display


  • Fast, easy drop-in paper loading


  • Built-in, integrated PIN pad


  • Quiet, graphical thermal printer


  • Bi-directional, dual track magnetic card reader


  • Rechargeable batteries (Charger included)


  • Easy-load paper mechanism


  • Includes power-on/power-low indicators


  • HW/SW support for GSM, GPRS, Mobitex, CDPC, Data-Tac & CDMA


  • LCD display, graphical, large and backlit


  • Built-in radio modem



PAX S920 Wireless Terminal


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