Harbortouch is dedicated to providing the very best service with the goal of total customer satisfaction. We understand the value of connecting with our customers, and our representatives are dedicated to working with you to address any issue you may have. We take pride in providing you with clear explanations and solving any problem as quickly and easily as possible. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.




24 Hours a Day - Technical Assistance  and Customer Service
  • We support our merchants 24/7/365. We provide 24 hour a day technical support for equipment, and maintain a full customer service department for billing and settlement questions 24 hours a day.... All with our own in-house staff!


  • Terminal Deployment for terminal replacements (if determined necessary), within 24 hours.


  • Free supplies are shipped, in most cases, the same day as requested. Supply orders received after 3:00pm EST are shipped the following day. 


Harbortouch Award Winning Products and Customer Support


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